ONLINE Sashiko Embroidery Workshop

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About This Class:

Sashiko embroidery has been taking the crafting world by storm recently and we are boarding that crafting train too! Our workshops at The Handmade Festival last year sold out in days and we think you will love it too. The name Sashiko literally translates into 'little stabs' which honestly is a perfect description for what you do to create entrancing patterns. 

During our online Sashiko embroidery class you will learn all of our tips and tricks on how to make these stunning designs and then you'll start stitching your very own Sashiko tote bag.

Once you've learned this style of embroidery you'll be dying to try it again, it's that addictive! You can Sashiko everything from clothing, to tote bags, cushion covers, wall hangings, pillowcases . . . 

1 hour
What will I Receive in my Kit:
We will send you a blue colour tote bag, stencils with a variety of patterns, needle and thread.   

When the class is over you will also receive a recording of the class so you can re-watch whenever you like for 30 days!