Silver Jewellery Making - Make a Beautiful Ring

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About This Class:

A good silver ring is a timeless piece that will transcend the life span of any wardrobe, however, a silver ring that's perfect for you is always hard to find... so why not make one? In this is a 2.5 hour practical silver jewellery making workshop you will learn the basics of silver jewellery making by our resident expert designer silversmith.  Using sterling silver and all the tools of the trade you will walk away with a ring that you will keep forever.

In the course of the class you will learn to:
- Thread a piercing saw
- Size your rings
- How to cut your ring to size
- Solder using a blow torch
- Shape using a hammer and mandrel
- File and finish
- Add detail and texture

All levels
2.5 hours

Do I Need to Bring Anything:
No, everything is included and you'll take home a unique, made to fit, ring that you will cherish forever.

All our workshops include unlimited tea, coffee and we always have plenty of cake on offer at every workshop and vegan friendly biscuits. If you require gluten free sweet treats please let us know!