Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me

This month  I celebrate 3 years of Tea & Crafting as a bricks and mortar in Camden, but its really been 5.5 years since Tea & Crafting turned from an idea into reality, as I took my first tentative steps into the crafting world. What started as a side hobby teaching knitting and crochet to everyone who wanted to learn has blossomed into a full time operation, from which I have met and worked alongside so many wonderful people, who have helped create the perfect craft haven. I thought that it would be fun on our 3yr ‘physical’ birthday to share the background to the business. Its not all been fun and bunting, but its all been worth it.

In the beginning when Tea & Crafting was just a idea, I was working full time whilst studying towards a Masters in HR in the evening. It seems crazy at the time to start teaching knitting and crochet, but I found it a stress relief from my day-to-day life. I vividly remember taking timed breaks to crochet or knit whilst studying for exams or writing assignments. It helped give the left side of my brain a break and give the right side of my brain an intense 20 minute creative workout. I am sure having craft in my life made a huge difference to my stress levels and my happiness too. At that time I didn’t think Tea & Crafting could be anything more than just me teaching people how to knit and crochet. After all, I thought I needed to do the right thing and get further along the career ladder (and put myself through uni again). But the more I crafted and taught the happier I became and the more I just wanted that to be my life.

So 3 years ago in May, I took the plunge and quit my job completely and hunted for a venue that I could put my stamp on and teach from. I found a very dark room, full of boxes, in Camden. It was filthy and my husband thought I was insane, but all I could see were 2 large windows with bundles of natural light in the heart of bustling Camden – what else did I need? With a lick of white paint, the room looked so different and it really was everything I had dreamed off. And so I find myself here today writing this newsletter, telling you my story and feeling extremely blessed that I get to do something I am so passionate about and just love.

Those whom I have met and chatted to will know how absolutely crazy I am about crochet, knitting and crafts in general. I now have 2 small boys so I don’t get to craft or crochet as often as I would like but I’ve always got a project on the go! I feel extremely fortunate to have met so many lovely students who have come to Tea & Crafting to learn a new hobby and fill the room with happiness, smiles and enthusiasm and not to mention the lovely teachers I work with who also inspire me with their talents, ventures and ideas. Its unreal to be surrounded by so much creativity.  Well if you are still reading – then thank you, your cup off coffee may well be gone by now!! As its Tea & Crafting’s 3rd Anniversary in Camden I wanted to offer a discount on every workshop I am running this month. These are fantastic discounts and most classes have been discounted by £10-£15. The offer is only for this month, and I wont be running anything like this again so take advantage now, have a look at our May calendar here to see what you could be learning this month. No discount codes needed as all the classes have been reduced already.  THANK YOU so much for reading my newsletters each month, supporting me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and coming to workshops at Tea & Crafting.

With love

Jane xoxo

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